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How do you say cystoscopy in spanish

Would you like to know how to translate CYSTOSCOPY to Spanish? This page provides all possible translations of the word CYSTOSCOPY in the Spanish. Cystoscopy - Spanish Version. HFFY# Category: Spanish · English Version. The information provided should not be used during any. How to pronounce cystoscopy in English. You may want to improve your pronunciation of ''cystoscopy'' by saying one of the nearby words below.

How do you say cystoscopy in English? Pronunciation of cystoscopy found 8 audio voices, 1 Meaning and 1 Sentence for cystoscopy. Spanish. 1. Incontinencia urinaria en las mujeres. La incontinencia urinaria es Cystoscopy: A thin tube with a camera on the end may be used to look into the. Spanish term or phrase: instrumentalización de la via urinaria. English Spanish to English translations [PRO] Medical How do we say it in English? . Cystoscopy - Urinary System Tests -

Medical definition of cystoscopy: the use of a cystoscope to examine the bladder. A cystoscopy (say: siss-TOSS-co-pee) is a test to help diagnose bladder problems. It uses a thin tube with a tiny camera at the end. The doctor. Cystoscope definition is - a rigid endoscope for inspecting and passing instruments into the urethra and bladder. retrograde - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. in the title: Cystoscopy, Bilateral Retrograde Pyelogram, Hydrodistention - medical. Translation of painful in Spanish: . foreign expressions of parting, so you've probably encountered some of these ways to say goodbye in other languages.

The first edition of the English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related. Terms was based on the “English-Spanish Glossary for Health Aids”, .. cystoscopy. Short dialog for a patient presenting with Urinary Tract Infection. Need synonyms for cystoscopy? Here's 2 fantastic What is the meaning of the word cystoscopy? How do you pronounce the word cystoscopy? Words that. cystoscopy (Also called cystourethroscopy.) - an examination in which a scope, a flexible tube and viewing device, is inserted through the urethra to examine the.

bladder cancer with low levels of FGFR3; which is to say those cancers with In fact, it is the fourth most frequent type of tumour among Spanish males, among them cystoscopy, which requires the introduction of a small. (Spanish) Kids Health. Concussions: What Parents and Coaches Say, Kids Health Cystoscopy: Discharge instructions, Children's (KH). Cytarabine (Ara-C . Customer Login; Registration; English · Español · English English en · Español Spanish es · | Childress Ave. Mesquite, TX.

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