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How to get hunters friend ff13 walkthrough

information for the Hunter's Friend accessory in Final Fantasy XIII (FF13, FFXIII, PlayStation 3, PS3, Xbox ), including information on how to obtain or create it. For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how to get "Hunter's friend"". For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question titled Hunter's Friend will ensure that the "hard to get" ones (e.g., rare drop) will be.

For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Hunter's Friend Accessory *spoilers?*". well you need to get the treasure hunter trophy. PSN: Zero4ph - PS1, PS2 slim, Popular:Kingdom Hearts III GuideRed Dead Redemption 2 CheatsGrand Theft Auto V Cheats. Final Fantasy XIII has become quite infamous in it's time due to one trophy in particular - Treasure Hunter. .org/forum/final-fantasy-xiii/final-fantasy- Rate. Favorite .. Hunter's Friend. Jul 13, , Could Final Fantasy XIII Be Coming to PS4? Word of Mouth - Silver Gold Trophy Guide Submitter Maximum Clubs Bronze Silver.

Connoisseur Catalog, Find more rare items, -, 2. Growth Egg, CPX2, -, 2. Hunter's Friend, Kill: Libra, -, 2. Genji Glove, Remove Damage Cap. Earn this in the Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough To get Treasure Hunter, you have to have held (owned) every weapon and accessory at To understand the basics of efficient upgrading, these two guides are your friend. Reward Hunter's Friend Repeat Reward Moonblossom Seed x3 Prerequisite in the area you will see a save point that is nearby go ahead and use that. Treasure Hunter is an achievement in Final Fantasy XIII. Hunter's Friend .. Okay.. i have the strategy guide and in it it tells me that I have to also get the all the. There are several types of accessories in Final Fantasy XIII. Walkthroughs; Wiki App Having held all weapons and accessories the player earns the Treasure Hunter achievement/trophy. Once the requirements are met, the player must talk to Bhakti in Oerba to obtain the achievement/trophy. Hunter's Friend.

Final Fantasy XIII Treasure Hunter Achievement/Trophy - Final Fantasy XIII Guide . You not only have to have the weapons and accessories that you can get by looting, you also have to have the ones you get . Hunter's Friend (Kill-Libra). Additional Missions - | Additional Missions Final Fantasy XIII Guide Hunter's Friend The rest of your teammates should have some defensive items. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide Guide info Forum category for this guide Try and kill a normal Aster Protoflorian for the Hunter's Challenge and garner an AMP Chip. Return to the Chief when you have both items. Game · Last Date · Friends Forever · Adoring Candice · Tanbams Tattoo. Final Fantasy XIII Guide Guide info Forum category for this guide Once you reach the spot you will get a CS with a giant Cactaur (actually it is called a Strategy. There are two ways that you can handle this fight: (1) Complete the story mode Equip Lightning with the Hauteclaire, the Hunter's Friend, and an Energy Sash.

Final Fantasy XIII | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Table of . Accessories: Survivalist Catalog, Hunter's Friend, Speed Sash, Energy Sash, Champion's Badge. Final Fantasy Cie'th Stone Mission Locations Guide While the first few Cie' th Stones are fairly easy to find, there are some that are well hidden or require certain conditions Happy hunting! .. Reward: Hunter's Friend. Our walkthrough will help you finish off every last one of them. Once you've got all of your items, head back to Hunter Chief to get your rewards. Moggle wants you to find three of his Moogle friends in this side quest - just. Treasure Hunter will be yours once you have or have had every weapon and accessory available in Final Fantasy XIII. You'll need some material grinding to get .. Hunter's Friend, No, Urantite. Speed Sash, Yes, Mnar Stone.

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