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What does ah so desu ka means

"Ah" means "ah" like in English. "So" means "that kind of thing" or "that way". " Desu ka" (pronounced "des-ka") means "is it"? Desu is the verb to be, and ka. For formal conversation “Ah, so desu ka” is more appropriate. The article in the Missionary Herald was correct that Japanese people use. Common Japanese expression, short for "ah so desu ka". "Ah" means "So" means "that kind of thing" or "that way". Discover ideas about Japanese Meaning.

I am having problems differentiating when to use "so desu ka" and "so desu ne" With 'sou desu ka', the intonation will give away the meaning. The response, "Sou desu" means "That is so" or "Yes, really". topic, but I remember someone, either British or French, was saying "Ah, so?. As a question, そう sou can be used by itself with a rising tone, or followed by か ka or ですか desu ka. It means "that is right," or "that is so," and is used as an.

Today's Japanese phrases are all related to the phrase: そうです (sou desu). It is often used in combination with the word はい (hai) which means “Yes. the question-making particle か (ka) to the end of the sentence, you can ask “Is that so?. Translation for: 'ah so desu ka' in Japanese->English dictionary. EUdict ( European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken. Ah-So is a line of Asian sauces and marinades from Allied Old English, Inc., Port Reading, New The expression "ah so" comes from Japanese ā sō desu ka?. This phrase is something of a chameleon in terms of meaning. To see just how flexible it is, click each “so desu ne” to listen, reading the “translation” in. If it were a slam dunk request, he may just say wakarimashita. ah so and ah so desu ka are also often used after hearing bad news, such as.

If you're worried about looking disrespectful, leave out the "ah". "So desu ka" is similar in meaning to "I see," it's like a combination of "I see" and. Soka” or “Sokka” are generally colloquial pronunciations of “Sou ka”, or more politely “Sou desu ka”. It generally means something like “oh, is that so?” but in. These is no actual difference of meaning between these two phrases, however you might seriously inure a relationship if you use the casual version (sou da na) . When I was a kid, I can remember trying to make fun of oriental people by pulling back on my eyes so they appeared slanted and saying," Ah so desu ka". In this instance so seems to mean the same thing in both English.

“Ah so desu ka.” It means, “Oh, now I see!” or “Ah, that's how it is!” Often it is a phrase that is used when one sees too late. When we suddenly. Life is full of ki-do-ai-raku (kee-doh-ah-ee-rah-koo; delight-anger-sorrow-fun), and Say Â, sô desu ka every time your conversational partner provides a new. Sou-desu-ka is for polite and formal situation. "Sokka" comes from the Japanese phrase "So Ka" which means "I Understand." It was used in. Japanese Romanization|Romanized in JSL as "soo desu ne", this is a Japanese It means many things in many different situations from an expression of.

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